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ACO Modular System

ACO Modular Channel Portfolio

The ACO Modular Channel range includes channels for all common applications for all common floor types (concrete, tiles, resin). Selecting a channel from the modular trench drain range is simple. The unique variability of the whole portfolio makes it easy to choose the right channel according to a specific customer's needs. Channel's length, depth and outlet position are just a few of the parameters which can be varied, and regardless of the variations specified, there is usually little or no impact on delivery lead times.

ACO Modular Channel Ordering

The dimensions of the ACO Modular Channel can be easily specified in respect of the unique project’s trench drain requirements.

ACO Modular Channel Customization

In addition, all ACO Modular Channels can be designed to a special length. To request customized ACO Modular Channels, please contact our Sales/Technical department.

ACO Modular Product Features

The modular trench drain concept allows for specification of standard channel units to suit a variety of custom layouts. A Vee-bottomed (V) profiled channel enhances flow efficiency rates and improves self-cleaning performance.

Modular System

1. Outlet Unit

2. Neutral invert and sloping sections

3. Corner Unit

4. Branch Unit

5. Grate

6. Floor Drain body

7. Silt basket

ACO Modular Product Features

Modular concept allows specification of standard channel units to suit a variety of custom layouts. Vee-bottomed (V) profiled channel for enhanced flow efficiency rates and for improved self cleaning performance.

  • Fully tested and classified to EN 1433
  • Available in 304 or 316L grades of stainless steel
  • Fully pickle passivated finish
  • Easy and secure adjustable connection with floor drain
  • Cut on demand items available to minimize work on site
  • Wide range of grates available certified to EN1433 - standard grates up to C 250; custom grates up to E 600.

Modular in Catalog

Modular 125 Modular 200 Modular Grates and Accessories