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ACO Slot Drain | Semi-Standard Products

Semi-Standard items provide an easy and fast way to get a slot of trench drain of a special length to complete a linear drainage project from standard stock items. Simply specify the length you need.

How to specify semi-standard items:
Specify the part number from which the semi-standard item will be produced.

How it works:
The semi-standard item is produced from a standard stock item (neutral invert and sloping invert channels only) which is shortened according to the customer's need. The shortened item is then equipped with flange and sealing; to fit the following channel in the drainage project. Grating of the same length is also produced.

Even atypical solutions can be easily realized using stainless steel. The broad spectrum of finishes and shapes gives complete design freedom.

Customer's individual project designs will be managed by our expert team with tailor-made services for specific projects with CAD layout drawings and assembly instructions. Contact our Sales/technical department team and we will help you find the optimal solution.

Product Information

The dimensions of the ACO Slot Drain for concrete, tile and resin floors can be easily specified to meet exact project requirements.

  • Tested according to EN 1433
  • Available in AISI 304 or AISI 316L grades of stainless steel
  • ACO Slot Drain - 8 or 20 mm wide
  • Length – up to customer requirements § Fully pickle passivated
  • Longitudinal slopes of the drain bottom - 1% to 5%
  • Standardized widths
  • Outlet position central or variable along length
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Anchors for securing into concrete

Product data

External (overall) width

in (mm)
Length of Channel

Dimension of Edge
in (mm)
Height at
outlet of Channel
in (mm)
Height at
end of Channel
H1 and H3
in (mm)
0.79 (20)* Variable0.59 (15)1.97 (50) -
7.87 (200)
1.97 (50)
- 7.87 (200)
0.31 (8)* Variablefolded1.97 (50) -
7.87 (200)
1.97 (50)
- 7.87 (200)

* The maximum transportable length of channel is 3 m Long channels over 3 m are standardly divided in 3 m sections with transport joints.

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