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Cleaning & drainage design

Drainage has an important role to play in the safe and efficient operation of a commercial kitchen. The benefits a good drainage design can bring in relation to cleaning are often overlooked.

At ACO, our drainage not only helps optimize hygienic performance but thanks to a number of unique design features, our products also ensure that commercial kitchen operators can benefit from having an effective, efficient and cost effective cleaning process as well as a minimal ongoing maintenance program.ACO’s hygienic channel, floor drain, grate, basket and foul air trap designs incorporate a numberof functional design features to aid the cleaning process and minimize the riskof harboring bacteria.

The patent-pending end-cap design of the hygienic channel has a completely drainable dry body and a minimum degree slope to prevent the buildup of stagnant water, smells, microbial growth and potential chemical hazards. The deep drawn body with smooth contours eliminates crevices that can harbor bacteria and feature a completely smooth, easy-to-clean, stainless steel surface.

ACO’s slip-resistant grates have no mesh, but are cast or fully welded, and every joint is curved to make removal and cleaning an easy and safe process. All grates are electro polished to enhance cleaning effectiveness.

The easy-to-remove foul air trap features rounded edges and smooth contours which eliminate crevices that can be hard to clean thoroughly.

Recommended cleaning procedures have also been developed in partnership with premium cleaning agent suppliers while ACO’s advanced manufacturing technologies ensure durability. Every product in our range benefits from full pickle passivation to maximize corrosion resistance when cleaning chemicals are used.

The ACO team also provides market-leading expertise regarding drainage system planning, system installation and the creation of a perfect connection with the surrounding floor to avoid any unnecessary issues and related costs.

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